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Tripod cauldron is a treasure that can secure the country, having witnessed five thousand years of civilization. Selling points: 1. Ding (tripod cauldron) was a cooking utensil in ancient China, and gradually became a symbol of social status, for only the noble with high status could afford it at that time; 2. It can serve as a record of successful experiences, or an account of glories in the past; 3. Ding culture is profound. If it is used for home decoration, it can create a unique cultural atmosphere, in addition to a reflection of affluent life; 4. It represents honesty and sincerity, not only embodying the integrity of its owner, but also alerting its owner to be honest and sincere.
Introduction to seller
Founded in 2007, F & S Gift is a fast-developing company specialized in Chinese Characteristic Gift. Our products mainly cover the following categories: 1. Handmade Embroidery This includes Single-sided embroidery, Double-sided embroidery and soft mounting. Most of us are familiar with machine embroidery. However, Machine embroidery featuring single board and few changes in stitching skills is incomparable to chinese handmade embroidery(with a technics history of over 2, 000 years), especially in the vivid effect achieved by the latter with regard to the eyes of embroidery animals 2. Non-Embroidery This includes porcelain series, Alloy series, Coloured glaze series, etc. Our powerful R & D department ensures the fashion and time effect of design. Except offering existed products, we also welcome OEM order. If you have a good idea of product design, please do not hesitate to contact us, to make it a reality together with us. Contact us today, to see what kind of service and surprise we may create for you.
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