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Cultured slate also called Cultural slate, Culture slate, some people call Ledger Slate panel or Ledge Slate Panels ,can be used for wall decoration or column decoration,suitable indoor and outdoor, they looks beauitufl and natural appearance. Mainly market is in Australia, New Zeland, Europe, America etc. Surface and processing: back with meshed, back with concrete , or edges glued Size: normally 60x15cm or 16x50cm, and 50x12cm, 45x15,35x18cmm, Z type, or their design can be used as per clients Colors: normally all slate can be made into Cultural Slate panels Need more information, Welcome to contact us! Ms lancy lee Export6 AT newstarchina . c om Newstar Stone TEL:86-595-22198926 FAX:86-595-22166926 M:86-15860301530
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We are one of manufacturer and exporter of Slate products Such as Natural slate,Slate tiles,Culture slate,Meshed slate,wall cladding,ledges stone,slate outdoor fountain,slate top table,slate table,quartzite,Mushroom slate,Slate Mosaic,Tumbled Slate,Slate pillar,Roofing Slate,Slate Coffee table,billiard salte,fly stone,quartz ,etc For more information Pls visit our website http://www.Slate-exort.com if you have any interesting or any inquiry pls don’t hesitate to contact us ,email:export6@newstarchina.com Mrs Lancy lee
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