Name:Holographic Touch Foil



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Online store:PMI Technologies Inc.

It is the product of PMI. More
Introduction to seller
About PMI PMI Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of interactive technologies and media solution. The former is Ubiquitous Computing Lab. Which was founded by 6 Ph.D. researchers in 2006. PMI has served on GE, TOYOTA and other Fortune 500 companies, led R&D and operations management on interactive media system of IHG 5-star hotels, participated in Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion planning. PMI currently has 4 national invention patents, is the only one that could provide overall interaction of nanotechnology-projective capacitive solution. In the electronics, software, new materials, media planning, art design, visual communication and many other areas, PMI owns first-class interdisciplinary R&D capabilities more
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