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Time:2013-05-15   Source:www.cnicif.com



The products purchased from the traditional handicrafts manufacturers by Traditional Handicrafts Directorate (GES) and a select of books already on sale at GES stores will be exhibited. The products as jewelry, pitcher, cup box, pipe, ebru painting, perfume  bottle, decanter, nazarlik (evil eye bead), kerchief (yemeni), peskir (a type of towel) , gülebdan ( small flask for sprinkling rose water), laledan (a kind of vase), scarf, quilt, handkerchief, box, round service tray, bag, pouch, mirror, sack, decorative items, sword etc. selected from the categories of glasswork, textile work, leather/bone work, metal work, silver work, wood work, carpet-kilim and  books on the rich culture and values of Anatolia will be displayed in the fair.  

GES (Traditional Handicrafts and Stores Directorate) was established in 2005 within Central Directorate of Revolving Funds, Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the purposes of conducting research studies on, enriching and supporting the production of, promoting/displaying and marketing traditional handicrafts. The stores and the organization are represented with GES logo.     

Organization Structure

Traditional Hand Crafts Stores Directorate (GES) was established in 2005 within the organization of R.T. min of Culture and Tourism, Central Directorate of Circulating Capital Operations to conduct the efforts in the research, development, supporting the production of, promotion and marketing of our traditional handcrafts. The stores and the organization are represented with the GES logo.

Approach to the Task

Addressing traditional handcrafts with a fresh view and to put to life a series of projects as a transforming actor with the broadest participation.

Works have been planned to reflect the renewed face of the organization according to the targets of:

- To reach artists working in the field of traditional hand crafts or entrepreneurs interested in the subject and see business potential in this field, designers, producers, relevant departments in universities, and new entrepreneurs working in this field as amateurs and want to convert their work to business;

- To invite their products to the appraisal to be performed by the recommended committee of the organization;

- To determine and sustainable operation in order for the enable a quality selection which is compatible with the organization’s mission;

- To create an address book through which the traditional hand crafts circles can keep informed of each other and which can inspire various operations for cooperation;

- To make a contribution to our country’s cultural promotions by also receiving the support of stakeholders.


- Taking innovative business ideas to the field of traditional handcrafts

- To support small and medium scale businesses in the field of traditional handcrafts and encourage new entrepreneurs

- To form a sustainable structure with a view in increasing employment

- To increase the interest in our handcrafts and cultural resources

- To contribute to the most effective use of our traditional handcrafts and cultural products in the promotion of our country; fulfilling the task of cultural presentation and promotion.

- To create a traditional handcrafts network and, by this means, increase the means of cooperation

-To encourage the design-traditional handcrafts relationship.

Strategic Approach

- Focus on the value add which design will create in the field of handcrafts

- An approach to the task where entrepreneurship is supported with “signature” products, which focuses on a sustainable, transformative, leading, cultural presentation and promotion which forms a model.

- Helping our designers and artists gain competitive advantages in the creation of sellable products

- Introducing the products to the market through various methods including the development of handcrafts market and direct purchasing

- Establishing cooperation with private sectors and activating the private sector’s dynamism in the article of culture.