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ITV-Inter Medya

Time:2013-05-15   Source:www.cnicif.com

ITV-Inter Medya started out as a film distribution company serving the Turkish film sector solely within the domestic market. In the course of our first ten years as a company, our basic market structure remained more or less the same. But as global developments picked up speed and gained on depth, we soon found ourselves operating both inbound and outbound. Soon after, beginning with 2001, we expanded our range to cover Central and Eastern European markets, Russia and the CIS countries, Central Asia and Baltic States.

The nature of the content we provide also radically changed: telenovelas “ Made in Turkey”, TV series, and to a lesser extent, Turkish feature films, started to draw broad interest from all markets as well as the Middle East and North Africa. With solid market demands both local and international; and accompained by strong government support, the Turkish Film industry and TV Content production business is most likely to develop more and gain further stature. This being the basis of our projection, we are now aiming to gain foothold in Asia, Western Europe, as well as Americas, especially the birthplace of telenovelas, i.e. the South American Market.

This year, 2013, we observe and celebrate the 21th anniversary of our company. In these 21 perfect years of service, we never failed to underscore the global transformations structurally changing our markets and deeply affecting how we serve our clients. Thus it was that we have earned our clients’ trust and loyalty: a satisfactory and sustained service record with a library which always manages to stay current.

ITV-Inter Medya has a sister company, Fono Film, the most modern 35mm and video post-production lab in Turkey, founded and run since 1967 by the Okan family. Beginning a career very early in Can Okan’s youth, he became an active operative in many levels of the Family business assuming a wide range of responsibilities. This experience and accumulation culminated in the formation of ITV-Inter Medya which he have founded in 1992.