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Hall 1 - Cultural Industries Hall

Time:2018-04-03   Source:www.cnicif.com

The largest hall featuring national government-supported exhibition groups and display of the latest achievements of such industries as movie & television production, publishing, distribution, printing and duplicating, advertising, performing, entertainment, cultural exhibition, digital content and animation industries, etc. Besides, latest achievements of the top 30 domestic cultural enterprises and cultural reforms, overall business envi-ronment, cultural creativity industrial policies, investment and financing projects in provinces and regions are also displayed, especially “Culture + Finance” products introduced by government-supported exhibition groups in new types of business. The selection of exhibition contents led by gov-ernment delegations is further refined to facilitate the introduction to suited exhibition halls accordingly. 


Provincial, municipal, regional, Hong Kong, Macao publicity and cultural organizations, domestic and overseas cultural enterprises and individuals, domestic and overseas import and export trading companies of cultural products, domestic and overseas large-scale cultural and creative industry groups and renowned cultural enterprises, investment banks, financial corporations, individual investors, venture capitalists, cultural and creative project management institutions, national demonstration bases and parks for cultural industry named by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China.