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Q11: How could we cooperate with ICIF?

A: We sincerely invite you to exhibit in ICIF, or seek cultural products and investment and financing projects in cultural industry. You can also become our strategic partner by working as our agent, promoting ICIF overseas and holding events, etc.

Q12: How could we get the latest information about ICIF?

A: You can visit our official website (www.cnicif.com), like our facebook by searching "China (Shenzhen) ICIF", search "文博会" in WeChat or follow "中国深圳文博会" in Microblog.

Q13: What are the features of the 12th ICIF?

A: "Exhibition and Exchange" is the eternal theme of ICIF. The 12th ICIF will further highlight the integration between culture and creativity, culture and technology, culture and tourism, and culture and finance.

Q14: What exhibition halls will the 12th ICIF set?

A: The 11th ICIF will set 9 exhibition halls including Cultural Industries Hall (Hall 1), Creative Design and Living Hall(Hall 2), Movies, Television and Animation Games Hall (Hall 3), Press and Publication Hall (Hall 4), Silk Road Hall (Hall 5), Art Hall (Hall 6), Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall (Hall 7), Cultural Tourism Hall ( Hall 8), and Arts and Crafts Hall (Hall 9).

Q15: What will be presented in Hall 1-- Cultural Industries Hall?

A: It covers an exhibition area of 30,000㎡. The majority of exhibitors in Hall 1 are the domestic local government groups. This hall will mainly display the latest development achievements of China's movie and television making industry, publication industry, publishing industry, printing and copying industry, advertising industry, performing industry, entertainment industry, cultural fair industry, digital content and animation games industry, etc. , the top 30 cultural industry achievements and the latest achievements of the culture system reform, and also the whole business operation environment, cultural industry policies and the investment and financing projects from different provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, etc.

What will be presented in Hall 2—Creative Design and Living Hall?

A: With the exhibition area of 15,000㎡, Hall 2 will focus on the contemporary, fashionable and creative cultural products. It mainly displays excellent creative cultural products from Taiwan, high-end fashionable cultural gifts, modern arts and crafts, and works of masters of arts and crafts and fine arts from different provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and excellent cultural products from overseas, etc.

Q17: What will be presented in Hall 3—Movies, Television and Animation Games Hall?

A: With the exhibition area of 7,500 ㎡, Hall 3 mainly exhibits new media products (Internet, mobile, etc), network integration technology, movies, televisions, cartoons and animation games. It aims at demonstrating the new concept, new technology, new products and new fashion of the new media circle home and abroad. 

Q18: What will be presented in Hall 4—One Belt & One Road Hall?

A: It covers 7500 ㎡with the exhibition theme of ‘The Silk Road Cultural Belt’. This hall exhibits traditional arts & crafts, creative design, cultural tourism, performance and other cultural contents along the Silk Road countries.

Q19: What will be presented in Hall 5—Cultural Maker Hall?

A:With an exhibition area of 2500 ㎡, it centers on mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation. It exhibits maker companies from home and abroad, aiming at expanding maker space, building a maker resource platform, enhancing the brands of makers, and advocating the Maker Spirit. 

Q20: What will be presented in Hall 6—Art Hall?

A: With an exhibition area of 7,500 ㎡, it mainly displays excellent artworks from the internationally famous art schools from home and abroad, including traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, contemporary youth art, watercolor, engravings, sculptures, etc.