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Q41: How could we obtain relevant information about the fair?

A: During the 11th ICIF, we will issue all the activities on the board set at the North Entrance. And we will also print relevant events on the back of exhibition map. You could also refer to the official website of ICIF (www.cnicif.com) , follow “文博会”in WeChat and “中国深圳文博会”in Microblog for the latest news of ICIF.

Q42: Is there any translation service available on site?

A: During the 11th ICIF, we will set a translation service desk in the working area, 2/F, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. You can employ the translator at your own expense.

Q43: Do you have intellectual property protection?

A: During the 11th ICIF, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Intellectual Property will have an office in the working area, 2/F, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 

Q44: How to rent the meeting room?

A: Please visit our official website to get more knowledge about the price of the meeting room. You can contact Ms Zhao (0755-83519465). The meeting rooms are to be rented in the principle of “first come first served”, please contact us ASAP.

Q45: How could I rent the exhibition facilities (desks, chairs, etc)?

A: Please go to the construction service desk of your exhibition hall. 

Q46: How to deal with the booth power-off?

A: If your booth is a standard booth which is constructed by the recommended construction service provider of the fair, it is almost impossible that a single booth would be powered off; if large areas of booths are powered off, the provider will help you to repair it. If your booth is raw space which is constructed by your cooperated constructor, please contact your constructor.

Q47: How to get the release pass?

A: Please go to the service desk set in your exhibition hall (normally under the lift). For the goods in the public area (from 2/F to 6/F),please go to the service desk set in the working area, 2/F.

Q48: What if the goods were stolen?

A: Please go to the police office set at the North Entrance of the exhibition center or call 110 and provide relevant clues.

Q49: How to apply for the broadcasting?

A: Please go to the information desk set at the North Entrance of the exhibition center, and apply for the broadcasting.

Q50: Could we store our computers in the hall?

A: The onsite security will help the exhibitor to lock the computer. If you need to unlock it, please contact the security walking around in your exhibition hall.