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Q26: The booth price of the 13th ICIF
Q27: How to participate in the 13th ICIF as a visitor?

A: Please visit ICIF official website at www.cnicif.com and fill the < Overseas Visitor Application> or <Domestic Visitor Application> and submit relevant materials.→ ICIF Company will send the confirmation letter or message to the qualified applicant after approving the application materials. →Please get the admission badge by presenting your personal identification during May 11-15, 2017 at the designated counter accessing through North Entrance of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. In addition, there will also be the Visitor Application Counter onsite during the exhibition.

Q28: How to apply for the Invitation Letter of the 13th ICIF?

A: Please fill in the <Overseas Visitor Application> and send it to icif@cnicif.com. We will send you the Invitation after approving your application material.



Q29: The exhibition period of the 13th ICIF

A:  Buyers’ Days

    10:00-18:00, May 11th, 2017

    9:00-18:00, May 12th, 2017

    Public Days

    9:00-18:00, May 13th, 2017

    9:00-18:00, May 14th, 2017

    9:00-17:30, May 15th, 2017

    (ICIF reserves the right for some alterations on the above schedule.)



Q30: The forums and meetings during the 13th ICIF

A: During the 13th ICIF, we will hold dozens of forums and meetings, including the "Promotion Conference of China Cultural Projects Open for Investment", One-on-one Matchmaking, etc, committing to building an exchange platform for Chinese and overseas enterprises.



Q31: The festival activities during the 13th ICIF

A: During the 13th ICIF, we will hold a series of activities, including the "China (International) New Media & Movie & TV Animation Festival", "ICIF Arts Festival", festival activities in the sub-venues and public festival activities, making ICIF a Carnival of Chinese Culture.



Q32: The awards of the 13th ICIF

A: The 13th ICIF will hold "ICIF Awards Ceremony" and present "ICIF Outstanding Organizing Unit Award", "ICIF Outstanding Exhibitor Award", "Creative Award of Arts and Crafts", "Outstanding Design Award" and other professional awards.



Q33: How could the exhibits be transported to the booth?

A:ICIF does not have the entrusted transportation service provider. The exhibitor has a free choice. During the exhibition registration period, the transportation service provider could enter the hall after checking in. The exhibitor could also contact our recommended transportation service provider below for transportation.


BSD Logistic Limited
Contact: Mr. Huang, 086 0755 26661119, 15914034615
Website: www.bsdfuli.com
Address: 13-15, Block D, flight logistic center, Fuwei Community, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China






Q34: How are the booths constructed?
A:ICIF does not have the entrusted construction service provider. The exhibitor has free choices for qualified constructor. The exhibitor shall summit the construction design drawing to ICIF Organizing Committee before moving in. During the move-in period, the constructor shall pay relevant fee and handle related procedures at the construction service center of the exhibition hall. To simplify the related procedures, the exhibitor can choose our recommended construction service providers who are in charge of construct the public area and standard booths as well. More information please visit ICIF official website ( www.cnicif.com).


Q35: How could we get the exhibitor's badge?
A: Please contact your client manager.